4. Training of advisors (consultants) on safe transportation of dangerous goods.

4.1. In accordance with the requirements of item 1.8.3 of ADR Rules, item 1.8.3 of ADN Rules and item 1.8.3 of Application 2 to the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail, each enterprise carrying out carriage of dangerous goods or any related operations on packing, loading, filling or unloading, should have consultants (advisors) on safe transportation of dangerous goods. Their function is rendering assistance in matters related to prevention of damage to life and health, to property and environment.

4.2. The functions of a consultant (advisor) may be performed by the head of an enterprise, by an employee performing other functions or by a person who is not an employee of the enterprise, provided that he can perform the functions of a consultant.

4.3. An advisor (consultant) should have a license (certificate) on professional qualifications valid for transportation by one of several modes of transport. To receive such certificate, the candidate should take a course of training in ISTC and pass the exam in International Dangerous Goods and Container Association.

4.4. Having used the curriculum and training programmes for training of advisors (consultants) approved by RF Ministry of Transportation, we have training over 1500 specialists in this area for the enterprises of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Baltic States.