5. Training of experts on safe transportation and handling of dangerous goods.

5.1. In accordance with the Provision Concerning the Procedure of Training, Evaluation and Registration of the Experts on Safe Transportation and Handling of Dangerous Goods of IDGCA NP, an expert is a specialist who has enough qualification and level of basic education for certain types of professions, has passed all the stages of the specialized training, is registered in the Register of Experts of IDGCA NP and has the Certificate of IDGCA NP Certification System. The qualification test and registration of experts is being carried out on the basis of SQS (the system of voluntary integrated certification of safety and quality systems). The Certificate of Registration was issued to IDGCA NP by Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on the 27th of December, 2004, Reg. No POCC RU.?159.04OX00.

5.2. Expert candidate should have the third level of education completed and valid certificate of advisor (consultant) on safe transportation of dangerous goods. He also should have at least four years of practical experience in such areas as science, engineering, technology, production, transport. At least two years of these four years he should have been dealing with the matters of certification and/or testing, standardization and/or metrology, development, introduction and/or quality assurance of management systems and/or classification services for the activities related to handling of dangerous goods.

5.3. Special training of experts includes two mandatory stages theoretical training which is intended for training of the candidates under the approved programme. In the end of this stage the candidates will have the exam. If this exam is passed, the trainee receives the Certificate on Theoretical Training in accordance with the form prescribed by IDGCA NP. This certificate allows to work as a trainee. The second stage is practical training which is intended for participating in works under the guidance and supervision of a registered expert. Upon completion of the practical training, the specialists receives the Certificate on Practical Training in accordance with the form prescribed by IDGCA NP.