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IDGCAInternational Dangerous Goods and Containers Association
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The Association does not render chargeable services. All the services for the members of the Association are free of charge. Chargeable services are provided by the Association subsidiaries "Russian Register" J.S.C. and Non-State Educational Private Institution of Additional Professional Education "International Staff Training Centre" ("ISTC"), which are 100 % subsidiaries of the IDGCA. Information about services rendered by the members of the Association is placed on their websites.

The Association renders the following services:

  • Advisers' certification, consultation on dangerous goods in accordance with ADN and IMDG provisions, and UN recommendations on transportation of dangerous cargoes. Entering into the register of the Association;
  • Registration of container owner's prefixes at International Container Bureau (Bureau International des Containers). Determination of check numbers;
  • Preparation of suggestions on introduction of changes into provisions of international conventions, agreements and standards;
  • Preparation of letters and applications to state authorities for the purpose of Association members interests protection;
  • Organization of meetings with representatives of international organizations and state authorities;
  • Making recommendations for purchasing, rent and leasing of high-capacity tank containers for transportation of dangerous cargoes;
  • Preparation of conclusions on ability to transport certain dangerous cargoes by all means of transport: by road, by rail, by sea, by river and by air;
  • Making recommendations for repair, upgrading and certification of high-capacity containers;
  • Recommendations for selection of classification society and certifying organization;
  • Consultation of foreign and Russian companies in receiving of license for execution of certain types of activity;
  • Accreditation of certification authorities in safety and quality system (SQS);
  • Consultation in delivery of equipment and material from abroad;
  • Assistance in receiving of all the necessary permits and certificates;
  • Making recommendations in situations, when containers with dangerous goods are damaged during transportation, handling and storage of dangerous goods in tank containers;
  • Preparation of advertisement articles for mass media;
  • Consultation in developing and introduction of quality and safety control systems. Recommendations for selection of certifying authority;
  • Working out and execution of declarations for transportation of dangerous cargoes;
  • Clarification and interpretation of separate provisions of conventions, agreements and normative legal documents related to transportation of dangerous goods and containers by all means of transport;
  • Consultation in reclamation and disposal of dangerous wastes.